UGHA Meeting


UGHA Meeting/Show #267 of Oct. 27th met with nice success! The Emotions and Del Vikings were very entertaining and gave excellent performances. We thank them as we also thank the Elevations for their fine acappella performance. We thank all who attended #267. Special thanks to my hard working dedicated staff, who give their unselfish help to benefit our organization and music throughout the year!

 UGHA M/S #268 will be Fri. November 24th & Sat. Nov. 25th ‑ Our 24th Annual Anniversary Celebration Weekend.

There will be no Collector's Night. We will have 2 nights of shows featuring UGHA traditional favorites with a few first time special collectors' type groups. Check out the lineup!

Friday Night, Nov. 24th: Eternals ‑ Rainbows ‑ Things To Come (aka The Deeps) with a special tribute to our beloved, departed Harry Douglas and his Deep River Boys. Also, a good possibility of the Cadillacs and definitely, a very special surprise from Cincinnatti, Otis Williams with his new Charms (the Sheps)! Saturday Afternoon ‑ 6:00 to 7:00 PM ‑ Our annual fund raising auction. (See enclosed list) Saturday Night ‑ Willie Winfield & Harptones ‑ Five Discs ‑ Barbara English and Clickettes, Chandeliers ‑ Encounters ‑and Mystique. 2 fabulous nights of fun and entertainment! We strong], suggest you call for reservations now! Don't come Saturday and expect to sit down without a reservation. It will be standing room only on Sat. Friday should be packed as well but with a better chance of a seat. Play it safe and call to reserve, just the definite number of people coming ... no maybe's. The weekend is costing us over $14,000. We would like to get as much money back as possible. A minimal loss would be successful. The admission cost is $25 per day. If you are attending both days, the cost is $40 ‑ a $ 10 savings. (You will pay on Friday and get a pass for Sat.) We will go back to our usual membership admission price in Dec. Come early, for we hope to start as early as possible, since it is the Thanksgiving Day weekend and most people are home from work, which also makes light traffic on the roads. Bring your dance shoes and join our UGHA dancers for a turkey hop!

UGHA NVS #268 ‑ Fri. November. 24th/Sat. November 25th (Anniversary Weekend) will be in the Casino at Schuetzen Pk., 3167 Kennedy Blvd., N. Bergen, NJ. Doors open at 7pm on Friday‑ Meeting at 7:30/8:00pm and Show starts soon after. Doors open at 5:OOPM on Saturday ‑ Auction at 6:OOPM ‑ Show time 7:30PM Admission donation (for this weekend only) $25 either night, or both nights for $40. The tables set up with dance format will continue. Absolutely No Beverages Are Allowed To Be Brought In At UGHA Shows!

UGHA Videos Available: Enclose $3/p&h for I st set; $ I/p&h for each add'I. Send. 330 S.A.S.E. to UGIL4 for complete video list of all MIS's #s 46 through present and special shows.

UGHA #267 of 10/27 2 tapes unedited ‑ $29.95 for UGHA members only ‑ ($39.95 after Dec.,15th) ‑Del Vikings/ Emotions/ Elevations

Lead East Acappella Sat. 9/3 ‑ 2 tapes unedited $39.95 ‑ Nicholas with Heart's Desire/Young SpanielsNalentinos/Remembrance/ Special Delivery/Heart's Desire/Larkings/Sentinels/Magic Moments/Sheps

Lead East Concert Sat. 9/3 ‑ 2 tapes unedited $39.95 ‑ Delmonicos/Kenny Vance & Planotones/Dubs/Pookie Hudson & Spaniels

UGHA 10th Annual Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Of 4/8/00 ‑ Performances by the Sheps/Orioles/Rivileers/Calvanes/Turbans 2 tapes unedited $49.95 (UGHA members only)

Heroines Of RnB Vol. 2 of 3/19 ‑ 2 tapes unedited ‑ $39.95 ‑ Chantels/Barbara English & Clickettes/Ruth McFadden & Cliftonaires Cyndy & Cliftonaires/Della Griffin & Enchanters/Pam & Valentinos/ & Decibelles

Upcomine Events Of Interest

Fri. Dec. Ist ‑ 8PM ‑ Doc's Bar & Grill in the Holiday Inn, Totowa, NJ ‑ Rt. 46 west (973) 785‑9000 ‑ Special Police Fund Raising Concert/Dance Part 2 with the Emotions ‑ Five Discs ‑ Joel Katz & Group ‑ Things To Come and Mystique and possibly others. Admisssion donation $20. Dinner available from 6:00 to 8:OOPM (showtime) ‑ Food & Drinks available all night. Your host and DJRonnie 1. For further info call (973) 365‑0049

Sat. Dec. 9th ‑ Sands Hotel in Atlantic City ‑ Copa Room ‑ 9:00pm show (please note ‑ I hour earlier than previous Friday night shows) Feat: The Moonglows ‑ Little Isidore & Inquisitors ‑ and the Sheps ‑ $30 Tickets and special UGHA/PGHA $ 100 room rates

available (please note $50 more than the previous Friday night room rates) Tickets available through UGHA (973) 470‑8442 ‑ For Hotel reservations call 1‑800‑AC SANDS ‑ Box office number is (609) 441‑4137 ‑ For further info. call (973) 365‑0049.

Sat. Dec. 30th ‑ UGHA #269 ‑ (Please note change from Dec. 23rd to Dec. 30th) ‑ Yours truly felt the 23rd would make it difficult for many members to attend because of last minute Christmas preparations. Dec. 30th will be our New Year's Eve Eve Party.  Should be loads of fun as we will bring in the New Year one day early.  The Dubs will be our special guests.  We will add on a few more groups and I will come up with some ideas to make it a gala New Year's Eve Eve Party as well as a belated Christmas one. Sat. Jan. 20th Radio City Music Hall ‑ Spectacular concert produced by UGHA member Tony DeLauro. The show will feat: Spaniels ‑ Chantels ‑ Earl Lewis & Channels ‑ Edsels ‑ All Star acappella group plus many others! Keep that date in mind. Tickets will be available through Radio City Music Hall very soon! Since it's a Tony DeLauro production you know it's going to be special!


Parking At Schuetzen Park ‑ Be aware that if all the facilities at Schuetzen Park are booked, it causes a parking problem in the lot. Schuetzen Park has permission from IHOP to use their parking lot, so you can park there and walk across Kennedy Blvd. into Schuetzen Park. Please keep this in mind.


1) The Best Of The United In Group Harmony Vocal Groups ‑ 2 tapes: Rare fabulous performances from the last 20 years at UGHA. Rudy west & The Keys/Norman Fox & Robroys/Willie Davis & Jacks/Frank Aires & Del Vikings/Ron Myles & The Rainbows Calvanes/+ many, many others! These video tapes are priceless, with many of the performers being gone they remain fond memories now. 2) The Best Of UGHA Vocal Groups Acappella Collection ‑ 2 tapes: Rare, fabulous performances, some groups of the legendary caliber, the ones that will never perform again. Bon‑Aires/Jarmels/5 Jades/Charm/+ many, many others! Many of the performers have since passed away. The 2 video tapes are professional, edited, enhanced, and packaged. Their production is through the efforts of long time (from the beginning) UGHA member and ardent supporter Bill Olb who has digitally remastered the product from the original tapes. They include 100's of hours of editing from the master tapes in the UGHA library. The quality is excellent! ne performances are fantastic as well in many cases, emotional. They are now available (to UGHA members only) and make great Christmas gifts. The low, reasonable donation price is $50 per set ‑ $4 postage for I or $6 for both. You can order now and expect delivery as soon as they are available. Special Bonus: Purchase both sets at $106 and receive a 60 page color booklet absolutely free!


UGHA Product: Brand new! Attractive button: I v UGHA ‑ only $5

                                 T‑Shirt ‑ Black ‑ UGHA embroidered logo ‑ red & yellow ‑ L & XL $15 ‑ XXL $17

                                 Sweatshirt ‑ Black ‑ UGHA embroidered logo‑ red & yellow ‑ L & XL $20 ‑ XXL $22

UGHA Jacket ‑ Black & Gray ‑ UGHA embroidered logo ‑ red & yellow on front ‑ L&XL $65 ‑ XXL $70 Coming Soon! ‑ CD (UGHA 00 1) ‑ Spaniels Live ‑ A tribute to Gerald Gregory recorded in 1992 ‑ 15 cuts ‑ Excellent quality. Limited supply of only 500 ‑ $20 plus $2 postage ‑ Available to UGHA members only through UGHA.

Looking ahead to 2001 and our I st Annual Tribute To Our Hall Of Fame at Schuetzen Park ‑ Main Hall ‑ Concert seating ‑ 3 honorary inductees plus many past Hall Of Fame group recipients, many who will perform. The date will be Sat. May 5th. Mark it down on your calendar. UGHA Ist Annual TributeTo Our Hall Of Fame ‑ Raffle books were enclosed in last month's mailing. Please support the HOF by puchasing your $ 10 book so we can help pay the costs of the production and insure us of bringing in many groups who haven't been on our stage in quite a while. If you need more books call or write in to UGHA.

COVA/CVAG Inc. ‑ Nationwide Council Of Vehicle Associates/Classic Vehicle Advocate Group Inc.The organization working to preserve the rights of vintage car owners will hold their next New Jersey meetings on Mon.Dec. 4th and 18th at at 7PM at the Sunrise Grill on McBride Ave.  W. Paterson, NJ ‑ for further info., please call (973) 881-8838 or (800) CARS- 166 Fax (973) 279-3779

Thanks for your generosity this month through substantial monetary donations: Earl & Pat Lilley of Gainsville,VA;Marshall J. Howard Jr. of Detroit, MI; Arlene Nosiay of So. Amboy, NJ; Dick Young of Key West, FL; Tommy DeLello of East Meadow, NY; Sonia Daly of Brooklyn, NY; Dennis Holran of Simi Valley, CA; Vaughn Polcer of Darien, CT; Pete Marttinen of NYC; Randy Baptista of New Bedford, MA; Herb Olsen of Washington, NJ; Martin B. Freedland of Atlanta, GA; Diane Guaragno of Mt. Vernon, NY; Gordon Skadberg of Port Washington, NY; Roger Tillson of Woodland Hills, CA

Listen to your favorite sounds on K‑Found Internet radio with obscure/forgotten group harmony; R&B and Pop gems from the 50's and 60's 24/7 at www.listen.toik‑ ‑ From LA with UGHA member Roger Tillson

 Happy Thanksgiving to all UGHA members and their families!

So until UGHA #268 Our 24th Annual Anniversary Celebration weekend Fri. Nov. 24th/Sat. Nov. 25th in the Casino -  With the Harptones ‑ Five Discs ‑ Eternals ‑ Chandeliers ‑ Otis Williams & New Charms ‑ Rainbows ‑ Barbara English & Clickettes + others, I remain as always yours in the group harmony cause,

Ronnie I, President and Founder

Ronnie I